Website Design

Features :-

- CMS – editable by the user

All sites have a backend content management system, this means the majority of content is editable by the user. New pages can be added, text rewritten and pictures added. Having fresh, new interesting content helps increase SEO rankings and keeps your reader’s attention.

- Mobile and tablet friendly by default

It’s important that websites can be viewed on either a phone or tablet (over half the current views are from such devices). All our sites auto resize to the size of the screen its being displayed upon. Without having a mobile optimised site, there will be no listing displayed in google when searching from such devices.

- Conform to SEO guidelines

All our sites conform to current SEO guidelines, to provide naturally good search engine listings. Whilst all sites are designed to get a good listing on google this can soon change if SEO optimization is not maintained. For more information on SEO optimization please click here

- Full design service

Anglia Computer Solutions Business provides a full design service. The first stage of any project is to get the design correct, we provide you with a mock-up based on the information provided and work together to hone it your requirements. The site is then created and at the end you get a further opportunity to review and make minor amendments. 


Types of website:-

- Information only site

Information only sites are designed just to provide the user with information in the form of text, images or videos. These are normally the most straightforward to create, pricing normally depends on the complexity of the design and number of pages. Please see Case Study 1 and 2 for examples.

- E-commerce site

E-commerce sites add the ability to sell products directly to consumers via the internet. They are a bit more complex as there can be several elements to them for example;

  • Taking online payments securely
  • It’s properly displaying and advertising your products
  • Upselling (related products)
  • Managing orders
  • Postage
  • Confirmation emails and communications with you customers.
  • Being found (See SEO Optimisation, Social Media marketing)

For more information please look at case study 3

- E-commerce sites auto links with Amazon and Ebay

In addition to selling direct from your website there are many other channels available to you. Many customers look directly on eBay and amazon before even performing a google search. Using multiple channels is a way of ensuring you have a presence in all areas. Your website can be created to automatically link in with the likes of eBay and amazon to sell your products and all be controlled directly from the website (Easy one click management)

Features include

  1. Stock all controlled from website, if something is sold on eBay – stock goes down on the website and vice versa
  2. Centralised order page, all orders no matter where they come from all go to same place
  3. Only enter in product information once, in the website and its propagated to other sites
  4. Different pricing options for different platforms (i.e eBay can be cheaper than website)
  5. Select which items of stock are sold via which channel

For more information please see case study 4

- Linking sites with databases (Sage, Access)

Websites are increasingly needing to be interlinked with other systems, sage might be used for stock control for example. You may need to access to greater reporting and data manipulation where an Access backend is required. We can interlink your website to pretty much any database, this can have many advantages such as automatically updating sage when orders are placed avoiding any manual input.

For more information please see case study 5

Some of our web clients include :

Case study 1: (Basic information site)

Basic Brief

The client wanted a basic website to promote their business of servicing and installing boilers. The site was to display information about the company as well as the different types of boilers and the branding and ease of contact was very important. The main requirements of the site were:

(A)    Capture information from prospective clients

(B)   To provide information about their services


The client provided the images they wished to use alongside all text and the various pages they wanted us to create. In this instance we created the logo and overall branding as well.

Example of a basic information website.

Guide Price : £500+ VAT

Case Study 2: (Advanced information site)                         

Basic brief

The client sells stickers in bulk to resellers and required an online presence to promote the various stickers they stock as well as their retail solutions (display stands etc). The main requirements of the site were:

A   To clearly display the products that were offered

B    To clearly show the brands they are affiliated with

The client provided the images they wished to use alongside all text and the various pages they wanted us to create. In this instance the logo and branding were provided by the client but we can offer this as well (For information on these services please click here).

Example of a advanced information website.

 Guide Price : £1000+ VAT

Case Study 3: (Ecommerce Site)                                     

Basic Brief

The client operates a retail store but wanted an online presence to sell and advertises the goods and services as well. The site was designed to provide information to potential highstreets clients about the store as well as for those purely looking to buy online. The main requirements of the site were to:

A  To sell items from the website and accept payment via PayPal

B  To sell electronic tickets to events and provide a calendar displaying these

C  To integrate a blog so news could be posted regularly

D  To access feeds from Instagram, Facebook and twitter

E  To incorporate a gallery showing imagery from the highstreet store

The client provided the images they wished to use alongside all text and the various pages they wanted us to create. In this instance the logo and branding were provided by the client but we can offer this as well.

Example of ecommerce website.

 Guide Price :  £1200+ VAT

Case Study 4: (Ecommerce site linked into Ebay & Amazon)

Basic Brief

The client sells packs of stickers (superman, pirates, from films etc.). The bulk of their sales they want on their website but they want to get their brand out so want to have a presence on eBay (listing approximately a third of their stock). The main requirements of the site are

A To sell items from their website and accept payment using an online card merchant

B To have an automatic unmanaged link to eBay (products are automatically listed and dealt with from the website, no interaction with eBay required

C Have the ability to select which items from the shop to stock in eBay

D Have automated stock control (if an item is sold on the website the stock on eBay goes down and vice versa)

E To have different pricing on website and eBay (eBay will be cheaper to remain competitive)