Network & Server Support

- Microsoft Windows Servers
We support all types of Windows Server from server 2000 right up to the latest products. Whether they are just a server or an SBS product we can offer solutions all the way through from configuring and commissioning to maintaining and fault finding if there is an issue. Windows servers are the focal point of many businesses, providing access to shared files, programs, databases, emails – basically the whole company. They allow for users to collaborate with one another and to be able to work offsite. By storing all the data at one central point backup and maintenance is made much easier ensuring the company is safe guarded.
- Microsoft Exchange
Exchange is an important part of server roles offering synced emails, mailboxes, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. Having this linked to your mobile devices allow for you to be contactable and able to work from anywhere. We install, support and fault find Microsoft Exchange systems.
- Domains, Active Directory, Remote working, File sharing, Print Servers.
- New Servers & Networks Provided and Configured
- One off repairs
- Ongoing Support and Maintenance
- Backup options
- Cloud based server & email products
Some of our support clients include :
Basic Brief The client had four units in an office where they wanted to be able to share a printer and company files. The requirements were basic so it was decided to put in a basic file server which would allow users to access files based on their permission level, share the printers and also have a central point where all the files were backed up. The solutions put into place: ** Guide Price ** File Server & Install -£700+ VAT ** Online backup per year – £150+ VAT
Basic brief The client had fifteen units which required the ability to share emails, calendars, software, files, printers, have roaming profiles (can login from any machine and remote working). It was decided the best solution was to implement a Windows SBS server. This was created using Hyper-V Virtual technology allowing for a full backup to be made of the files and the configuration every night. Should the hardware fail, the whole server could be restored to new hardware in a matter of hours. ** Guide Prices ** Provide, setup and configure SBS server £3500+ Vat (Quad Core, 16GB Ram, 2TB Raided drives) ** Online backup per year – £150+ VAT