Backup Solutions

Backup Services:

  • Onsite backups
  • Offsite backups (Cloud or another site)
  • Hyper-V Backups (Complete Onsite & Offsite Backups)
  • Disaster Recovery

More Information

  1. Offsite Secure Encrypted Offsite backups that run every night backing up selected files. This method of backup keeps multiple versions of each file so there are several backup options and backups up against system failure, theft, fire \ floods and malware \ ransomware. Prices from £150 per year
  2. Hyper-V backups work by creating an image of everything on a given system (including operating system, settings and files). It works in a virtual environment allowing restoration to different hardware, this is a major benefit if a server fails as a new one can be provisioned and everything can be restored exactly as was without having to do any reconfiguration. Prices from £10 per month
  3. We offer a whole range of disaster recovery solutions, please contact us for more information.
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