Managed Antivirus

Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd offers managed antivirus. With the latest data protection laws, it’s important that you know your antivirus is working, up to date and scanning – in short doing what its meant to. In the past this was just installed and checked periodically, this could lead to an extended period with no protection however.

Automated reporting

Whether you have two computers or two hundred the chances are each machine is not going to get a visual inspection often. With automated reporting the managed antivirus allows you to be informed based on set criteria.

Control whole company from one control panel

Your organisation’s antivirus deployment will be controlled by us from a central control panel. We can check the antivirus installation is up to date, the virus signatures are current and when the last scan was and that scan’s results.

Initiate updates and scans on bulk or set schedules

The control panel provides the ability to initial updates and scans either on a bulk or individual level. This is handy if there is a set lunch time you would like to ensure a full virus scan is done on every computer, alternately set a schedule and have these functions performed outside of your normal working hours.

Receive notifications of any issues

We will be alerted if there any issues including the antivirus software not being up to date and if any viruses have been discovered, and this allows us to react accordingly.

Identify repeat offenders

By having a top down view of the entire company patterns can easily be found. If a specific member of staff is frequently visiting a site with an infection this can soon be identified and dealt with.

Some of our support clients include :