Guest Wifi Networks

- Provide customers with a free wifi solution that can be used as a marketing tool

Having constant access to the internet is increasingly important to everyone whether its for business or pleasure. With our Guest Wi-Fi solution not only can you offer this service but you can gather important customer information like name and email address and advertise your products and services at the same time.

- Large scale network solution

The solution is designed for large scale wireless networking for corporate settings where there are multiple users logged in at the same time Hotels, guest houses, caravan parks and large office or factories are a prime example of this.

- Fully customisable with logos

The solution is can be completely customised to your company’s name, logo and colour schemes.

- Collect valuable customer email addresses

Collect the information your company needs for its marketing; the system is fully customisable allowing you to select what data you would like to collect.

- Advertise your products and services

Advertise your products, special offers or services with splash screens when the users login.

Some of our Wifi clients include :

Basic Brief

The client owned a pub \ restaurant in an area with bad mobile phone coverage and wanted a solution to provide their customers when they were onsite.

  • Provided free wifi access
  • Advertisered the clients menu and special offers
  • Held a digital competition
  • Gathered names and addresses for a monthly news letter