4G Internet

- 4G Internet

Our 4G internet is based on proprietary technology working by using a directional antenna directed towards the closest telecoms mast. This device is much more powerful than a mobile phone, is externally mounted, has much greater height and is focused in one direction as opposed to being omnidirectional. This means we can get provide great speeds even in areas where mobile phones cannot get a signal.

- How does it differ from a traditional internet connection?

There is very little difference. You will have a router the same – the only difference is your connection is coming in via signals through the air rather than the traditional copper wiring. Devices are connected either via cable or wifi.

- Areas Covered

The system works pretty much anywhere, we have had great success even in challenging areas such as Thetford forest and to date have not found a site where the solution does not work.

- Speed achieved

The highest internet speed recorded is 110Mbps though the average across all our installations in Norfolk is 40Mbps down and 12Mbps up.

- Unlimited Data

We can now offer packages with unlimited data.

- Site Survey

We offer each site a free site survey. During this, we determine the best location to place equipment and will be able to tell you your minimum speed that we will be able to achieve. There is no obligation at this stage to do anything.

- Costs

Monthly costs are no different from traditional broadband packages – often cheaper! Packages start from £27+ VAT. There is a one-off cost for equipment and the installation of £499+ VAT for a standard installation (this can vary on complicated installs and would be confirmed at the time of the survey)

Some of our support clients include :

Basic Brief

The client had download speeds of around 2Mbps and was struggling to run their business. They were located in Thetford forest, where the line of sight was an issue. They required:

Fiber comparable speeds

A Cost-effective solution

A solution that could be implemented quickly

The solution put into place:

A directional 4G antenna was installed on the side of the property around 5m from ground level. The package provided was an unlimited data bundle for £30+ vat per month and had a total installation cost of £499+ Vat. The client is now enjoying speeds of 43.6Mbps download and 13.4Mbps upload.