Phone Systems

- VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone systems are fast becoming the main system used by business. They integrate both traditional landlines, broadband and virtual lines.

One major advantage is the ability to split one physical phone line to multiple virtual lines. Whilst there is still line rental charges for virtual, they normally are half the cost of a fixed line. The other main advantage is the ability to add and remove virtual lines much easier and there is not the physical installation fee.

- Non geographical numbers

Non geographical can be assigned to the VOIP system and can be a powerful tool for business. Your head office could be based in Norfolk but you want a London number for a campaign you are doing there, this can easily be added. Whichever number is phoned, the phone system will treat the same. This kind of flexibility works very well for certain types of businesses, taxi drivers are an obvious choice for example.

- Voicemail to email

Voicemails can be emailed to you meaning they can be easily saved, shared and accessed wherever you are even if you are not in the office.

- Easy transfer between staff

Calls can be easily transferred between staff anywhere in the system – even if they are not in the same building or country.

- Offsite working, phones can be moved anywhere with an active broadband connection

VOIP handsets are portable!
Take it with you out of the office and plug it in at home – so long as you have a broadband connection the phone will continue to behave as if it is in the office, receiving calls as it would normally, and any calls you make will still appear to come from the office number.

- Conference calling

Conference calls can easily be setup with VOIP phones to any other phone system. This makes collaboration between several different people easier.

- Divert to mobile or other line

If you need to leave the office,  with a press of a button all the calls can be diverted to a mobile,  another landline or voicemail at no extra cost.

Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd can supply and setup a wide range of business phone systems anything from smaller 1 or 2 handset systems to larger corporate phone systems across multiple sites.

Some of our telecoms clients include :

Basic Brief

The client wanted a phone system for two employees with the following features

  • Numbers with several area codes
  • Ability for users to work from home
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Divert to Mobile
  • Transfer calls between users
  • Call Recording
  • 4 simultaneous calls

The solutions put into place:

Two phone lines with Business grade broadband, this allowed for several virtual lines to be installed. Each user had a fixed handset in the office and two had one to take home.