Prepaid Support Hours

- Priority Service
Customers who have purchased pre-paid hours will receive priority over ad-hoc customers.
- Manage Cash Flow
Manage your cash flow in advance by purchasing hours that you expect to require. Prepaid hours never expire.
- Monitor Company Expenditure
Save money! All our prepaid hours are purchased in batches of 5 hours blocks – as you are a bulk buyer you get them for less.
- Tax Deductible At Point Of Purchase
All prepaid hour accounts are sent regular statements. This allows you to monitor what issues your staff are reporting and we are addressing. By looking at these patterns it might indicate if a particular piece of equipment is getting worn out and might work out more cost effective to replace. Likewise a member of staff might benefit on going on a training course if many calls have been linked to Outlook for example.
- An alternative to a support contract, only use when required or can be used in conjunction with a support contract to bring down the cost of onsite support
Some customers purchase pre-paid hours rather than having a support contract. This is convenient for customers that don’t require a lot of support but want to ensure we are on hand when they do require it and it saves them paying our full hourly rate. Likewise, our full remote support contract users like pre-paid hours to cover any callouts made onsite to reduce their costs.
- Information Sheet
Some of our support clients include :
Basic Brief The client has several computer systems. They are happy managing their own backups to a USB stick but do require some help approximately once every other month either remotely or onsite. They don’t feel a support contract is required as they don’t want any kind of monitoring solutions or frequent help but wants Anglia Computer Solutions Ltd on hand if they are required and want to take advantage of prepaid hours cheaper rate. The solutions put into place: ** Guide Prices ** Prepaid Hours Block of 5 – £225+ VAT (£45+ VAT per hour) ** Prepaid Hours Block of 10 – £400+ VAT (£40+ VAT per hour)
Basic brief The client had fifteen units which linked into a onsite Windows SBS server hosting files and emails. Two of the clients operated offsite. The client required remote assistance to monitor backups, assist with issues as they arose remotely and provide telephone support. The client relises that support onsite is sometimes helpful and therefore wants to purchase a small number of prepaid hours so they know they are covered for the year. ** Guide Prices ** Monthly support contract – £250+ VAT per month ** Prepaid Hours Block of 5 – £225+ VAT (£45+ VAT per hour)