Network Security

Network security consists of many different elements, in its most basic form its all the potential points of weakness that can be exploited.  This could be anything from spam emails, to password phishers, wireless packet interception to traditional hacking directly into files. It’s important a holistic view is taken to network security, it would be ineffective to have really strong passwords changing every three months only for the firewall to be walked straight through allowing direct access anyway. Many companies become quite lax, a wireless system is installed three years prior and at the time the security was top of its game, several years later with protocol changes and no updates, it quite very well be quite easy to bypass. In the below bullet points you will find the main areas that need to be looked at to ensure they are adequate, most business today are data, if that data is lost or compromised it could very well mean the same for the company.


Firewalls are the first line of defense for any network. Not only does it stop attacks and intruders accessing your systems but also acts as a warning system, as soon as suspicious activity is detected a notification is sent. With all the threats out there today, firewalls are critical. Just imagine a scammer gaining access to your company emails, they could send out invoices and PO’s from genuine email accounts and ultimately you would be liable.


VPNs create a private and secure link between your location and the office, essentially using an internet connection to link your machine up in place of the traditional cabling used in many offices. VPNs have many uses however and we commonly use them as an extra layer of security for users employing remote desktop technologies.

Wireless Security

More and more devices are using wireless technologies to connect as opposed to cable. As these technologies improve, so do their range and the risk of them being intercepted. It’s extremely important that the right encryption method is being used, this is the only line of defense. If the encryption if broken, a hacker can see everything that you are doing online. 

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