Managed Antispam

Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd offers managed antispam. Emails are filtered before they even reach your organisation, so that only virus-free, spam-free emails are delivered to you, meaning your internet connection is kept free for more important thing

Automatic Spam Scoring

The antispam system applies a score to every piece of mail received based on set criteria and an algorithm learning your behaviour (it becomes more intelligent the more you use it)

Daily Email Notifications

Each day an email will be sent listing all the emails that have been blocked by the antispam. From here you can safely review them and if it’s an item you wanted to receive you can release it with a single click and also allow emails from that sender in future.

Removes viruses and malware before you even see it

The antispam system not only detects spam but emails that have malicious code attached. This means that users often won’t even get the chance to open an email that might contain an infection or other threat greatly reducing the number of security threats on a network.

Online quarantine panel

Quarantined email can be controlled from a online control panel allowing you to monitor and control all aspects of the anti spam solution from any web browser.

Some of our support clients include :