Data Mining / Scraping

Turn webpages into data

We create scripts which can crawl through a website and download all the information you require. Many types of data can be extracted text, numbers, URLS, Photos, images etc .

This data can then be organised in a manner that is useful, it can be sent in an excel spreadsheet, PDF or access database.

Car dealership – quotation system

Basic Brief

The client wanted to extract all the information from auto trader. They required accurate pricing on selling their cars so they had a database created which compiled all the information for a specific model, age and mileage and worked out an average from all the prices from across the UK

(A)    Capture the following information, Car type, Car Age, Car Mileage

(B)   Provide the information in an access database with ability to search by car type, age and range of mileage.

The client provided a list of all the data fields required as well as examples of the layout and the reports required. They also confirmed they had full permission from the host site.

** Guide Price of Scrape – £400+ VAT per month for eight updates of data.

** Guide Price of database (One off) £500+ VAT

Holiday accommodation provider

Basic brief

We have several clients that offer online services to compare holiday apartment accommodation, the dates free, costs etc. They provide a list of websites that list holiday accommodation alongside the information they require (Apartment address, owners email, owners telephone number etc). This data is then used for marketing purposes to offer them another method of advertising their property.

A   To scrape required information: Address, Telephone Number, Email address etc

B    To provide the information in a basic excel spreadsheet which the client could then use as a phone list

The client provided the url of the site that required scraping and highlighted the information required. They also confirmed they had permission to scrape the data from the source.

** Example of a basic information website.

** Guide Price £150+ VAT