Ad-Hoc IT Support

- To install a new piece of equipment
One off callouts are ideal if a new piece of equipment needs setting up such as a new PC, Laptop, large Laser printer copier etc.
- Issues that just require a one off fix
Some issues are just a one off fix and don’t require ongoing support. Wireless could have been working ok for years and then suddenly go down. Once it’s been fixed it will likely work again correctly for several more years so a single site visit would suffice.
- For consultation or an opinion
Your company may just want a second opinion or a consultation. We are often asked to provide our opinion on a quote, whether hardware would be satisfactory, is there a way of increasing broadband speed etc.
- For any client that doesn’t have a contract or prepaid hours
One off callouts are suitable for anybody that doesn’t have prepaid hours or a support contract.
Some of our support clients include :
Basic Brief The client had purchased a large all in one printer scanner. They wanted it installing on the network and for all the users to have profiles setup so they could scan directly to the server. A one off callout covered this ** Guide Prices ** Travel, callout and up to one hour onsite £50+ VAT  
Basic brief The client unexpected;ly lost all broadband connection. BT informed them it was a fault at their end and if they sent one of their engineers the cost would be £120+ VAT. Anglia Computer Solutions attended, tested the socket, new router etc and found that it was in fact a line fault. BT was contacted again by our engineer and the issue was resolved by BT. ** Guide Price ** Travel, callout and up to one hour onsite £50+ VAT