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Google AdWords and campaigns can be an effective way of funneling traffic to your site. Google campaigns need to be used in conjunction with other SEO methods. It needs to be monitored carefully so not to waste money but if you use an advertising to profit ratio it can be very effective. If historically you know by spending £50 on Google AdWords you can make £150 profit, we would increase the amount spent to £100 and aim for profits around £300.

Some of our support clients include :

Case study 1: 

Basic Brief

A customer providing student accommodation approached us to assist with the marketing and get houses filled. The building work underway had ran over and this meant the traditional time to fill the properties had been missed, the client needed to advertise their properties fast.


A Google AdWords campaign was setup a day later – this mean that the clients website was in the first three results of all relevant google searches. Two weeks later the houses were filled and the campaign stopped, whilst there is a cost per click, this still worked out much cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising methods such as the local newspaper.